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Home means DeLand. Since 1973, DeLand has been more than just a location on the map; it’s been my cherished home, the backdrop to a life rich in experiences. For the past 43 years, I’ve dedicated myself to nursing, raising my family, and serving the communities in West Volusia. Throughout my career, patient advocacy has been the driving force behind my approach to medicine — always putting the needs of people first.

As a nurse to a Nurse Practitioner, I’ve had the privilege of earning the trust of my patients as their primary care provider. Every day, I engage with their stories of triumphs and challenges in our healthcare system and the ripple effect it has on people’s lives. It’s this firsthand experience that propelled me to step into the realm of public service.

Florida’s political landscape has undergone significant shifts and has left many feeling unheard with their essential rights whittled away. It’s time to put a halt to this trend and put the real needs of Floridians first.

Putting Floridians First

Protection of Women’s Rights

A woman’s health care decisions are between her, her health care provider, and whomever else she chooses to include. The government should have no authority over those medical and personal decisions.

Access to Mental Health Services

The state of Florida has a great unmet need for mental health services, including access to addiction treatment. We need to grant Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners full practice authority which will enable them to practice to the fullest extent of their education and scope of practice. This will result in a tremendous increase in psychiatric professionals available to meet current and future demand for psychiatric services.

Flooding and Insurance

Floridians face the challenge of rising waters and rising insurance rates. The average insurance premium for homeowners in Florida has spiked by 42% year-over-year, to an average of $6,000 in 2023. At least a dozen insurance companies have stopped issuing new policies since 2022. It’s time we stop playing with people’s lives and start governing.

Get Involved

Volunteer: Your time is a valuable asset! From phone banking to door knocking, your efforts will make a real difference.

Host a Meet & Greet: It’s an excellent opportunity for friends, family, and neighbors to engage in meaningful conversations about the positive changes we can achieve together.

Contribute: Every donation, big or small, makes a significant impact on our ability to reach more people and spread our message. 

Together, we can build a community that thrives on unity, inclusivity, and progress. Join Rosemarie’s campaign today and be a catalyst for positive change!


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